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Rodent Control Service

Rodents control service is specially designed by us targeted at control of rats, mice and Bandicoots. Rodents are most common urban pest which invades our homes, transmit diseases, destroys and feed on our food, damages our personal belonging. It has a habit of gnawing. Belonging to the species of mammal, they are very intelligent and highly adaptable creatures. Not only is their smell unbearable, they are also the cause of plague, leptospirosis and other dangerous diseases.

Our Service:-

  • We provide electronic rodent control service by our experienced and competent technicians and professionals.
  • Our rodent control service is an amalgamation of baiting, trapping and proofing methods.
  • Pest rodent control service of ours can be availed at the most moderate and competitive charges.
  • We also apply snap traps inside the premises.